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About Us

We are located approximately 2400 feet above sea level in Ahualoa, uphill from the historic town of Honokaa on the Big Island of Hawaii. Honokaa is approx. 42 miles from Hilo on the scenic Hamakua Coast. Barefoot Farms Hawaii is a family-run business owned by Stephen and Kim Erb. The property has been in the family for over four decades, and the family has been on the Big Island for over 100 years. Besides making "Big Jerky" products with Grass-Fed beef, we have a running farm where we raise gamefowl chickens, hair sheep, racing pigeons including fancy fantail pigeons, quail, pheasants and grow our own macadamia nuts from our small orchard. And of course, we can't forget our kids pets! They include dogs, mice, a kitten and rabbit! In addition to being a father, Steve maintains the farm, works as a full-time Firefighter/EMT for the County of Hawaii and is a proud member of the IAFF. His wife and partner, Kim, a mother of four, runs the business end of Barefoot Farms Hawaii including making the beef jerky. She also works part-time managing 2 Certified Incubator Kitchens on the Hamakua Coast for a Private Non-profit.


Why "Big Jerky"?

Although we are a small business, our label says "Big" for several reasons. Our products are made on the Big Island of Hawaii. More than half of the Big Island's trade comes from agriculture and farming. We take pride in the fact we try to get most of our ingredients from local farmers and businesses. Big Jerky is made with only Big Island Grass-Fed beef. It has a slightly different and distinct flavor than mainland raised or grain finished beef using hormone & enhancers. Combining our local beef, fresh local ingredients and our secret marinade recipe, not only makes Big Jerky products tender, but also gives them a Big flavor. We are especially proud that we DO NOT ADD MSG, Nitrates, added preservatives or salt! Our customers are constantly telling us that 'Big Jerky' is the best they've ever tasted and a great Big value too! If you haven't tried one of our Big Jerky products yet, then hold on, because you're in for a treat!

"My friends & I LOVE Big Jerky products! So ono!" Mike, Oahu

"My children love it & it's so much healthier too!" Donna, Big Island

"It's the most tender & the best we've ever tasted!" Harry & Wanda, Florida

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