Island Fresh Grass-Fed Beef

Why Big Jerky?
If your Beef Jerky bag doesn`t say "Big Jerky", then you don`t know what you're missing!

 1.7oz bag $8.00

 3.4oz bag $16.00
 .5 oz bag $4.00/2 for $7.50

Flavors: Original, Black Pepper w/Ginger, Spicy

Big Jerky Trail Mixes $8.00

#1 & #2 Trail w/Original Jerky w/M&M, peanuts,

almonds, cashews, raisins. #2 w/macadamia nuts
#3 & #4 Berry Trail w/Original Jerky, w/yogurt chips,

 dried cranberries, almonds, cashews. #4 w/macadamia nuts 
Big Nuts, Dried, Unsalted 4oz $8.00

Only a 10 minute roast to keep natural oils in!
Try it for Pesto; Grind for butter; chop for baking, or just a snack!
Barefoot Farms Embroiderd Hats $10.00 CLEARENCE SPECIAL!

Barefoot Farms Reuseable Bags $1.00 CLEARENCE SPECIAL

Hawaiian Hottie Sauce $5.00

Obake Ghost Pepper Fire Sauce $5.00

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We offer USPS Priority Flat Rate packaging to the mainland. Mahalo!

Barefoot Farms Hawaii
Made in Hawaii
Prices subject to chcange w/o notice
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I am currently in midst of a divorce & will try to keep the business going as long as I can. ANYONE interested in buying the Jerky Business, please contact me.
Kim Erb